How Grandparents Helped Humans Evolve

Q. Any thoughts for Grandparents Day, which this year is September 12, 2021? A. Yes. How about this: Archaeological evidence strongly suggests that increasing lifespans, which permitted the creation of an older generation (“grandparents”), played a key role in our evolutionary success. Indeed, this phenomenon may account for why we, as Homo sapiens, replaced archaic… Read More »

Can I Leave a Bequest In Perpetuity?

Q.  My wife and I own a vacation cottage, and we were wondering whether there would be any problem if we left it to our descendants in perpetuity, in our trust? A. Yes, there would be a problem, at least if your cottage is located in California or in most (but not all) of the… Read More »

New Protections for Spouses of Reverse Mortgage Borrowers

Q.  I hear that HUD just made some important changes for borrowers of Reverse Mortgage loans to protect the borrowers’ spouses. Do you know anything about that? A. Yes, indeed, and you heard correctly. On May 6, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) issued new rules to govern all Home Equity Conversion Loans… Read More »