How To Boost Your Social Security Income: Little Known Strategies!

Approximately $10 BIllion in Social Security Benefits go unclaimed every year, primarily because married couples do not know how to optomize their social security benefits.  Being wise about these spousal benefits and how they work, can result in increased social security income  for a married couple.  According to a recent article in AARP Magazine by Lynn Brenner,… Read More »

Good News. . . You’ll Live Longer…

Planning for retirement often requires a fine-tuned equation which includes such variables as where you plan to live, how many years you’ve worked and how much social security you can expect, health care expectations, long-term care, and especially your life expectancy. Well, part of that equation is about to change, because according to U.S. News… Read More »

Helping the Special People in Your Life: The Special Needs Trust

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles often come into our offices to make estate plans, and one of the questions they ask is how they can support the people in their lives who have special needs. Special needs can include anything from Autism or Down Syndrome to Paralysis or blindness, and everything in between. These special… Read More »

Finances Are A Family Affair

We’ve all been learning a lot more lately about economics and investment practices than we ever thought we would… but do these lessons from the global economy transfer to the family circle? Studies have shown that most families have one person who takes care of all the finances: paying the bills, setting aside money for… Read More »

In the News: What Does it Mean to Have a Health Care Directive?

There seems to be a lot of fear around President Obama’s proposed healthcare reforms, most of that fear centering on the end-of-life planning included in the proposal. As a firm that deals with elder law issues, it is important to us that our clients be informed about their health care and choices. As we regularly counsel… Read More »

Protect Your Child from Dangerous Guardians

Some of the clients who seek our estate planning advice are parents of small children whose primary goal in creating an estate plan is to protect their children. This includes providing for their immediate financial needs, ensuring they will have the means to receive an education, and so forth, but often the very first question these… Read More »

What is REALLY Behind a Contested Will?

Tolstoy said that “happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,” but sometimes even the most stable and happy of families can turn angry and litigious when death and property are involved. It never ceases to be surprising how many seemingly strong family relationships devolve into backbiting and grudge-holding when… Read More »

A Daytime Solution for Working Caregivers

According to a study done by the AARP over 34 million people provide care to ill or disabled adults aged 50 or over, and with the aging baby boomer population (and their aging parents) that number is only likely to grow. This presents a growing problem, because providing care to aging parents or grandparents is… Read More »

Dad Died and I’m His Executor… Now What?

Dealing with the death of a family member—especially when that family member is a parent—can be fraught with confusion and emotion even under the best of circumstances. Being named as the executor of a family member’s estate (although often considered an honor) means that you have to have a clearer head and more patience than everyone else… Read More »