Arranging Care for Divorced or Remarried Parents

Divorce is difficult on a family no matter what the circumstances. Even when a divorce is best for all involved, there is always an amount of stress and emotional trauma involved. In fact, it has recently become apparent that the effects of divorce—stress, family upheaval, and tighter finances—can last years into the future.  Adult children… Read More »

Do You Know This Person?

If you are a Caucasian woman, aged 50 or older, possibly married, very likely working full or part-time—then there is a good chance that you are also (or will soon be) serving as a caregiver for an aging parent or relative. At least this is what a recent report released by the National Alliance for… Read More »

Advice to Caregivers: Take Time For Yourself !

Many of our clients provide care for elderly loved ones; some even providing constant, around the clock care.  Care giving is a demanding, overwhelming, and often grossly underappreciated job.  In addition to giving up their own time and interests, caregivers have to watch someone they love slowly regress and lose the ability to do even… Read More »