The Tax-Lady Cometh

It’s that time of year again; the time of year when everyone starts gathering receipts, assessing income and expenses, and making appointments with tax advisors.  Tax time can be a very stressful time for many families, but—with the help of this article from MSN Money—perhaps tax season can be made a little bit easier. The… Read More »

A Will Reveals More About You Than Just Assets and Distribution

We tell our readers quite often that a will can be one of the most important documents in your estate plan, but sometimes we like to remind our readers that wills are interesting family and historical documents as well. In an earlier era where “Living Trusts” were seldom used, genealogists will often use an ancestor’s last will… Read More »

Estate Tax Laws Aren’t the Only Things That Change: A 7 Point Checklist

We’ve written before about the importance of reviewing and updating your estate plan, but it’s a topic worth mentioning again—especially in light of the many recent changes to estate tax law.  The plain truth is that no matter how perfect your estate plan is when you create it, change is inevitable, and when your life… Read More »

Minnesota Health Care Dispute Raises Fears for Everyone

As estate planning attorneys we help our clients plan ahead. We help them create the documents and take the legal action they need to protect themselves and those they love. We help them talk through painful possibilities, and support them as they make difficult decisions.  We work to ensure that our clients and their families… Read More »

It’s Never Too Early to Make Your First Will

We’d like to share with our readers a recent article in Forbes entitled How To Write Your First Estate Plan.  This article supports something we’ve been saying in our blog all along: That everyone needs a will—whether you’re a young couple just starting out, an established family with valuable assets to protect, or an entrepreneurial… Read More »