Should You Share Your Estate Plan With Your Heirs?

If you have a significant estate to leave to your heirs—but you are still alive and well—to whom does that significant estate belong, you or them? This seems a silly question:   of course the property belongs to you, but many adult children have come to count on the property their parents will leave them, and—rightly… Read More »

Organize Your Estate for Your Successor Trustee

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to have to execute a deceased loved one’s estate, then you know what an overwhelming job it can be.  Think about your own method of organization.  Do you keep all of your financial papers in one place?  Do you keep your birth and marriage certificates nearby and easily accessible? … Read More »

The Sleepy Field of Estate Planning—Until Now

When people think of lawyers they usually think of the fast-paced lives of the characters in John Grisham’s legal dramas, or maybe the dramatic and exciting courtroom scenes from the movie A Few Good Men. But Estate Planning Law has never been like that. Estate Planning has always been a calm and sedate area of… Read More »

Choosing A Fiduciary: Some Special Thoughts

Choosing your fiduciaries can be one of the most difficult parts of creating your estate plan, especially choosing trustees for your trust, which, depending on the circumstances, you may hope will be in existence for quite a long time. Most people’s first instinct is to choose a family member, someone they know and trust, perhaps… Read More »

Young or Old—Love is in the Air, part 2

When elderly parents fall in love it affects more than just the lovers, it has an impact on their concerned children as well. This is especially true when the lovebirds want to make significant changes in their lives; things such as getting married or moving in with each other. In Monday’s post we shared a… Read More »

Providing for the Special Heroes in Your Life

As an estate planning law firm we often have to take on the role of encouraging our clients to think and talk about difficult and sometimes sad issues.  Sometimes, however, we have the joy of sharing something truly heartwarming. This video about autistic high school basketball player Jason McElwain is one of those things. Check… Read More »

Bereaved Relatives Beware!

As if dealing with the emotional pain after the death of a loved was isn’t enough, bereaved relatives now have one more thing to be aware of after a family member has passed away:  incorrigible debt collectors looking for someone—anyone!—to pay off the debts of the deceased, even if you have no obligation to do… Read More »