Stay Current and You’ll Stay Protected

In many of our previous posts we’ve stressed the importance of keeping your estate planning documents up-to-date. Changes to the law, as well as changes to your own personal, medical and financial status can wreak havoc on a well-crafted estate plan if these changes aren’t addressed. A good rule of thumb is to have your… Read More »

Senator Kennedy’s Legacy May Also Be Yours

One of the most important pieces of the recently enacted “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” is the “CLASS Act“, which stands for the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports program.  Authored by the late Senator Ted Kennedy and others, it creates — for the very first time — a long term care insurance plan to help… Read More »

Stuck In The Middle: Caring For Aging Relatives

“Too rich for most government-funded social programs and not rich enough to pay for full-time, long-term care services.” Does this sound familiar? It is exactly the kind of financial situation most elderly find themselves in today, and one which requires many adult children who are still raising their own kids to also care for their… Read More »

Where Can Seniors Find “Home Sweet Home”?

Where you live is a defining aspect of your character throughout your life. Your “hometown” often plays a large part in the formation of your character; as adults we decorate our homes to reflect our interests, hobbies and loves; and the neighborhoods in which we choose to raise our children (city, farm, suburb) tell us… Read More »