Estate Tax Update: “Clarity” is Here

It looks as if the long and weary road to estate tax clarity ended on 12/17/2010 when President Obama signed the compromise tax package negotiated with Republican leaders. Here are some quick highlights: Tax Election for 2010 Estates: This is one of the biggest parts of the deal. The bill gives 2010 estates the choice of whether… Read More »

Talking to Siblings About Caring for Mom and Dad

Many modern families have members living all over the country—and all over the world.  Which means that the holiday season provides one of the only times to all get together in person, celebrate, catch up… and talk about caregiving strategies for aging parents. Unfortunately, this kind of conversation can be a difficult one, especially if… Read More »

Estate Planning Through the Ages

Can you remember what you were doing in your early 20s?  Can you imagine what kind of life you’ll be living in your 70s or 80s?  We experience incredible changes as the decades roll by—not just to ourselves, but in the world at large. With our lives changing so much, our estate planning documents and… Read More »