Consider Tax Savvy Year End Gifts to Family

Q.  Last year around this time, you wrote an article on year-end gift planning, but I cannot find the copy I saved. My wife and I are considering making large gifts to our two children to help them remodel their homes, and we would like to do so in a way that is “tax wise”…. Read More »

New CA Law Addresses Gap In Medical Decision-Making

Q,  My best friend of many years is in the hospital and is not able to tell her doctors her wishes regarding medical care. She has no close family members and–unfortunately– has not designated a Health Care Agent in writing, nor is she now capable of doing so. Is it possible for me, her long… Read More »

Legal Steps After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Q. My husband was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but still seems to be generally okay. Are there legal steps we should take by way of planning for the future? Yes. Once you or loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it is important to take action to get your affairs in order. Here is my… Read More »

May Someone With Dementia Create a Will?

Q.  My husband and I would like to make wills, but I am concerned because he has been recently diagnosed with early-stage dementia. Legally, can he still make a will? A.  It depends, but very often the answer would be yes. Under the law, he must have what is called “testamentary capacity”. This means that… Read More »