How Well Do You Know Your Power of Attorney?

Imagine for a moment that you (or you and your spouse) are in a car accident, knocked on the head, and suffer brain injuries great enough to put you into a coma for 2 weeks and require a full seven months of nursing and rehabilitative care. Thankfully, you make a full recovery of all your… Read More »

When Should I Update My Estate Plan?

You’re one of the smart ones: You already have an estate plan that you and your spouse created it back in 1996; it’s sitting snugly in a safety deposit box, gathering dust until the (hopefully) far-off day when it will be needed. You’re done, right? Wrong. Kudos to you if you’ve already created your estate… Read More »

Don’t Let Hospital Procedures Leave You In The Dark

If you or a loved one has spent any time in hospitals recently then you know that they operate under strict rules regarding privacy; rules that, according to this post by Tara Parker-Pope, can seem difficult or unfair. These rules prevent hospital staff from sharing information about patients (even with extended family members), and in… Read More »

Maria Shriver and HBO: Bringing Alzheimer’s out of the Back Room and into the Living Room

Every 70 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 5.3 million people are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s is now the sixth leading cause of death There are 9.9 million unpaid caregivers in America One in eight people over the age of 65 suffers from Alzheimer’s             (from the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2009 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and… Read More »

How Far Would You Go To Control Your Heirs?

A trust is one of the most flexible and most powerful estate planning tools, and not just for avoiding unnecessary estate taxes.  Many of the clients who come through our office choose to create trusts for other reasons as well; namely to protect their heirs from predators, creditors, and sometimes even from themselves.  Sometimes a… Read More »

Procrastination is Not a Planning Tool

The number one reason that people die without protecting their assets or their heirs is not that they lack the money to create an estate plan, and it’s not that they don’t know that they need one, or how to create one—It’s procrastination.  Most people who die without an estate plan in place do so… Read More »