Procrastination is Not a Planning Tool

The number one reason that people die without protecting their assets or their heirs is not that they lack the money to create an estate plan, and it’s not that they don’t know that they need one, or how to create one—It’s procrastination.  Most people who die without an estate plan in place do so… Read More »

Swine Flu: What Should You Do?

All the news lately seems to be about swine flu.  Every day brings at least 3 new stories about it, and it’s all people on the street can talk about.  But how worried should we really be?  We know that many of our readers are caregivers for the elderly, and are concerned about swine flu… Read More »

“Mom, Dad… It’s Time for an Estate Plan”

So many clients come into our office, finish signing their estate plan, start to lean back with a sigh of relief only to sit straight up again and say “My parents really need to do this! I wish they would listen to me and come in to see you.” How can adult children persuade stubborn… Read More »

Retirement Fantasy Turned on its Head

People used to think that retirement was a time of placidity and relaxation, a time when all of life’s big surprises were behind you and most days and years would now bring an unchanging idyllic existence… It seems unlikely that this was ever an accurate portrayal of any phase of human existence, including retirement, but… Read More »

Family Business? You Might Flip For A FLP

The Wall Street Journal says that family limited partnerships are finding renewed favor as an estate planning tool, thanks to recent tax-court decisions. In an article entitled “Covering Your Assets” Journal writer Mark Klimek asserts that despite some IRS opposition, tax court rulings in recent years have endorsed the use of FLPs when they are… Read More »

A Realistic Look at the Future

How are you feeling about your retirement these days?  According to Chuck Jaffe’s article in MarketWatch most people’s answer to that question is not so good. According to Jaffe, Americans are losing confidence in the market’s ability to support their retirement (with good reason), and the most common reaction to this lack of confidence is… Read More »