“The death of a loved one imposes cruel demands on the closest survivors.” The truth of that statement from this article in moneywatch.com is known to anybody who has lost a close friend or family member. We’ve written a lot on our blog about going through the probate process when a loved one dies, but probate isn’t the only thing you have to think about; in fact, it may not even be the first thing you should think about. At a time when you are bombarded by as many emotional demands as you are mundane demands, how can you know what to do first?

The article mentioned above contains a helpful guide for those who are dealing with loss. It includes well-known items such as “contact close friends and family” and “make funeral arrangements” as well as items that may not come to mind as naturally, such as “write an obituary” and “contact the deceased’s employer.” Few people think about these things when under emotional strain, which is why this list is an excellent resource to file away for a time when it may be needed.

If you are having a particularly hard time with the grieving process don’t be afraid to ask others to help with the more difficult items, or to hand the list over entirely to someone else. This is when your own probate or estate planning attorney (or the deceased’s attorney, if they had one) can be especially helpful.

Although it sometimes feels as if time should stand still when someone we love passes away, life does go on, for better or worse. But the world is full of caring and knowledgeable people to help you through the process… if you only know where to look.