A Medi-Cal crisis situation is one in which an individual has either been admitted to a nursing home, or is about to be placed in a nursing home, and has been told that he or she has too much money or too many assets to qualify for Medi-Cal assistance. In this situation, the family is dealing with long-term healthcare costs that approach $7,500 a month, and the only source to pay those expenses seems to be the family’s life savings.

Even well-intentioned individuals, such as nursing home intake staff, social workers, Medi-Cal workers and others, often give families incorrect advice regarding their ability to qualify for Medi-Cal. However, as a law firm focusing on Elder Law, we have experience handling Medi-Cal Crises, know the law inside and out, and regularly help our clients preserve a significant portion, if not all, of their life savings. Seeing our clients through a crisis situation is one of our greatest strengths and an area of the law we find particularly gratifying.  You may wish to download your own copy of our “CONSUMER’S GUIDE TO MEDI-CAL PLANNING .

HOSPICE:  If you or your loved one is in a hospice setting and are concerned about legal issues, see our “CONSUMER’S GUIDE TO HOSPICE PLANNING” .

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