News Flash! California Approves Medi-Cal for Same-Sex Couples and Registered Domestic Partners

In what may be the first state in the nation to do so, California has just approved Medi-Cal benefits for same-sex couples and Registered Domestic Partners  ( “RDP’s”).  Acting at the invitation of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”)  and  pursuant to  state Assembly Bill 641 (Feuer), the California Department Healthcare Services… Read More »

Just Say No? Medical Marijuana in Nursing Homes

The legalization of marijuana is on the ballot in California this November, but California isn’t the only part of the country where marijuana is making news.  The use of marijuana for medical purposes is being debated around the nation—especially as concerns elderly patients in nursing homes which receive federal funding through Medicare or Medicaid. This… Read More »

Falling Through the Cracks

Our country may be facing a simultaneous growth and recession… unfortunately, according to journalist John Leland, the two seem to be at odds. What we are referring to is the growth of the elderly population and the recession of funds available to help this aging community pay for the care they need. The economic downturn… Read More »

Should A Bank Help You Care for Your Elderly Parents?

The influential Baby Boomer generation is aging, which means more and more of them are taking on the responsibility of caring for their elderly parents, and the Boomers are beginning to face up to the fact that they will need caregiving themselves in the not-so-distant future. Large banks are not immune to this trend—and the… Read More »

Will You Be Able To Afford Old Age?

Are you ready for the financial implications that come with growing older? As the average American lifespan grows longer the cost of aging becomes more and more prohibitive. A recent segment on NBC’s The Today Show takes a close look at long-term care and the price individuals and couples are required to pay as age… Read More »