Since the estate tax was repealed at the beginning of this year many people have rejoiced in the thought that there’s no need to create an estate plan. While it may be true that for the moment, at least, your assets don’t need to be protected from outrageous estate taxes, there are still a number of reasons why it is not only beneficial but essential to have a plan in place for your finances after you pass away.

Attorney and accountant Bob Carlson has written an article in in which he enumerates four reasons to create an estate plan even without the motivating factor of estate taxes (he calls this Legacy Planning):

  1. Financial Security
  2. Continuing management and caretaking
  3. Protection (from creditors, predators and lawsuits, if not from taxes)
  4. Other tax burdens (such as state taxes, capital gains taxes, gift taxes, etc.)

There are many things we do in our lives not because we have to, but because we know it’s the right thing to do. Estate planning is no different. Creating an estate plan is not just about taxes, it’s about you and your family planning for the future. Creating an estate plan is about being there for your children even after you’ve passed away; it’s about protecting them, providing for them, and even teaching them fiscal responsibility.

Will the lack of estate taxes in 2010 lead you to ignore these other important reasons to protect your family and plan for the future?