If you or a loved one has spent any time in hospitals recently then you know that they operate under strict rules regarding privacy; rules that, according to this post by Tara Parker-Pope, can seem difficult or unfair. These rules prevent hospital staff from sharing information about patients (even with extended family members), and in some cases even prevent the staff from allowing visitors.  All of this can be frustrating to say the least when you’re crazy with worry about your loved one.

There is a way around the strict privacy laws, a way that is fool-proof and perfectly legal—and it’s something our firm can help you with.  A comprehensive Health Care Directive and a signed HIPAA Authorization are your tickets to a cooperative relationship with the hospital staff. But these documents, these “tickets”, require forethought and planning before you end up in the hospital.

An estate plan created with our office includes not only financial documents, but also any documents you’ll need to ensure that your wishes for medical care are followed. Don’t wait until the last minute.  You never know what fate may have in store, and your procrastination can result in your loved one being left frightened and in the dark.