The Best Gift for Aging Parents is… A Laptop?

Americans love our technology; cell phone, laptop, wi-fi, Kindle, iPod—all of these things keep us socially connected, culturally informed, and satisfy our growing need for instant gratification. But there is an assumption that this technological savvy and appreciation stops once you reach a certain age.  We expect teens, twenty and thirty-somethings, and baby-boomers to be… Read More »

E-mail, Twitter, Pay Pal—Oh My! How to Protect Your Online Assets

E-mail, blog, iTunes, social networking, online photo albums… more and more of our lives and our businesses are moving online, but what happens to that online life when you pass away? Will your accounts languish, becoming an easy mark for hackers?  Eventually be deleted? Perhaps they’ll be passed to your spouse after petitioning the court… Read More »