Medi-Cal Myths Uncovered

Q.  In talking with friends, my wife and I discovered that there seems to be a lot of  misunderstanding about how the Medi-Cal program works if one needs help with the high cost of nursing home care. I wonder if you would clarify matters. A. I have likewise discovered a great deal of misunderstanding, even… Read More »

Preserving Emotional Well-Being When Choosing a Long-Term Care Living Situation for Your Loved One

Choosing a long-term care living arrangement is one of the most difficult challenges faced by aging adults and their loved ones. Most families try to avoid the nursing home option to the very end, believing that assisted living or small residential care homes provide a better quality of life. But this may not necessarily be… Read More »

News Flash! California Approves Medi-Cal for Same-Sex Couples and Registered Domestic Partners

In what may be the first state in the nation to do so, California has just approved Medi-Cal benefits for same-sex couples and Registered Domestic Partners  ( “RDP’s”).  Acting at the invitation of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”)  and  pursuant to  state Assembly Bill 641 (Feuer), the California Department Healthcare Services… Read More »

Personal Care Contracts: The Hidden Solution to the Elder Care Dilemma

Caring for an aging relative is difficult—and often underappreciated—work. Many people who serve as caregivers often feel as if they have two jobs—their full-time day job at the office and the part-to-full-time job of caregiver at home. As their parents age and decline, most of these caregivers end up not only giving up more and… Read More »

Need Help For Nursing Home Costs?

If a family member needs care in a nursing home, you may be surprised by the cost. In our community, the cost of placement even for routine custodial care averages approximately $7,500 per month  for a semi-private room and approximately $8,500 per month for a private room. Most families cannot afford this expense without  impoverishing the at-home… Read More »

Should A Bank Help You Care for Your Elderly Parents?

The influential Baby Boomer generation is aging, which means more and more of them are taking on the responsibility of caring for their elderly parents, and the Boomers are beginning to face up to the fact that they will need caregiving themselves in the not-so-distant future. Large banks are not immune to this trend—and the… Read More »