The most important advice we can give you about Medi-Cal planning is this: do not file a Medi-Cal application until you have spoken with an experienced elder law attorney!

Why? The rules regarding Medi-Cal are complicated and ever changing. The timing of your application is extremely important and can literally mean the difference between having to spend down all of your assets, and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. We can quickly tell you whether or not we can save you money, and can calculate the exact date that the Medi-Cal application should be submitted.

Contact a Medi-Cal Planning Lawyer

There are other reasons to contact a Medi-Cal planning lawyer at The Law Office of Osofsky & Osofsky – before filing for Medi-Cal assistance. The application itself is loaded with technicalities and potential problems, often requires reams of paperwork, and is then subject to an inefficient government processing system. We have developed an approach to make the process significantly less stressful. We know the rules and how to present the information in a way that can be easily understood by Medi-Cal officials. We’ll handle all the details and justify, with appropriate legal support, the reasons why our recommendations are appropriate. We will represent you through the application process, and upon your request at all face-to-face meetings with Medi-Cal case workers or higher-level officials, as well as any administrative appeals. We are also able to take your matter to Superior court if that should become necessary.

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