As Time Goes By… Part 2

In our recent blog post we listed 6 essential components of your Estate Plan that should be reviewed on a regular basis and why it’s so important to keep them updated. Today we’ll go into more detail about the first of these components; what they are, and how to review them. Fiduciaries– Make a list… Read More »

As Time Goes By… Part 1

For many people the holiday season brings more than just celebration. Seeing family and friends you may not have seen since this time last year means seeing children who have shot up like weeds, siblings and cousins with noticeably more gray in their hair, and even sometimes seeing an empty place at the dinner table… Read More »

The Fine Art of Informing Your Fiduciaries

At the end of the day, when all of the decisions have been made and documents have been signed, many estate planning clients still have one question: Should I tell my Fiduciaries that I’ve nominated them as executor, healthcare agent, guardian, trustee, etc; and how much should I tell them? The answer to the question… Read More »