The Presidential Campaign & The Estate Tax

Curiosity and excitement are always to be expected in an election year—especially curiosity about taxes. We all know that each presidential candidate has very different philosophies about where the tax burden lies, how much should be paid, and by whom; but all most of us really want to know is how the implementation of each… Read More »

With the Federal Estate Tax Set at $5 Million, Escaping the State Death Tax Is Now An Issue For Migrating Seniors

For wealthy seniors, state death taxes may now be a big issue, especially if the seniors have the ability to relocate to a “death tax” friendly state. The federal estate tax is set (for at least another two years) but we still expect some states to continue making changes to their own estate tax.  The… Read More »

Estate Tax Update: “Clarity” is Here

It looks as if the long and weary road to estate tax clarity ended on 12/17/2010 when President Obama signed the compromise tax package negotiated with Republican leaders. Here are some quick highlights: Tax Election for 2010 Estates: This is one of the biggest parts of the deal. The bill gives 2010 estates the choice of whether… Read More »

Prepare Now for an Uncertain Future

There’s a useful saying that goes something like this: “Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.”  Never has that saying been as useful as it is right now in regards to asset protection and estate planning.  As Laura Lallos mentions in her article in the Morningstar Advisor, “Estate attorneys are trained to prepare for… Read More »

Debunking 5 Common Estate Planning Myths

There are five common myths that frustrate all estate planners—particularly because we know that not only are they patently untrue, but also because their continued circulation can be harmful. 1. Estate Planning is only for rich people. This is probably the single most common estate planning myth there is—and it is a myth.   When… Read More »