Help for Alzheimer’s Patients AND Their Caregivers

Shakespeare said that old age is a return to childhood; without teeth, without voice… and in the case of Alzheimer’s patients, without memories.  But if the elderly have to endure the drawbacks of childhood, shouldn’t they get some of the benefits too? The Family Caregiver Alliance must have thought so too, because a few times… Read More »

Maria Shriver and HBO: Bringing Alzheimer’s out of the Back Room and into the Living Room

Every 70 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 5.3 million people are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s is now the sixth leading cause of death There are 9.9 million unpaid caregivers in America One in eight people over the age of 65 suffers from Alzheimer’s             (from the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2009 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and… Read More »